Financial Article About Biotech Company Cryoport

In this article, first published on SeekingAlpha, I extensively discussed how despite the technological superiority of Cryoport’s solution over established frozen shipping companies, its management was sub-par and the company was not able to stay competitive.

Cryoport Is Coming Back As A Leader In Biotech Shipments


At the current rate of $0.84 million losses per quarter, the company will need to raise additional capital from debt or equity financing before the end of the current quarter to stay solvent. The good news is that it has experience raising funds via private placements.

Based on its improving top line financial performance, increased total customer base and internal management efficiency in recent quarters, investors should be optimistic for another successful near term larger capital raise. Such confidence from growth investors will help Cryoport to continue its endeavor to become the market leader in biotechnology shipping logistics in coming years.

You can read the full article here.

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